Me and the City

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4 thoughts on “Me and the City

  1. Hi, sorry for taking one minute to read my message.
    I live in the same city as you (I guess you live around) and I post many photos from the same area as you. I have been giving you likes and likes, because I like photography and so I like some of yours, but never got one single like from you, or I don’t remember to get one. Whether you follow me or not it is not a concern I have, but if you don’t even give yourself the time to look to know the ones who like your photos you don’t deserve to be followed because you disregard them. Receive and give and vice-versa is just a simple way to make this world a better and more friendly place. I think and I believe.

    1. i have started following you and look forward to seeing things through your third eye. I appreciate people who take risks and share their gift. don’t worry too much if people do not reply, I feel and have felt the same about other channels, some times people are very busy or, they do not realize how important their feed-back and appreciation is. sending you gratitude for all the beauty.

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