Nokia Lumia 920 short review

I recently had the opportunity to try a Nokia Lumia 920 Windows phone thanks to Nokia Connects. My main focus was to try the camera function of the Lumia. It was of course nice to see and try a Windows Phone in real life. It was as easy as expected. After adding a few accounts I was up and running with mail, sharing etc. As smooth as it should be on a modern smartphone.

My own phone is an iPhone 5 and I was very curious to see how the Lumia performed compared to the iPhone. There is quite a difference in size and weight. The Lumia is a rather bulky phone in my hands. A solid build but much heavier than the iPhone. If you don’t mind the size and weight it has a large, wonderful display which make it easy to compose your photos. I must admit that it took me a day before I found out that the Lumia has a physical shutter release button. Before that I released the shutter by tapping on the display. That caused a problem with covering the lens by my fingers in a few photos. The lens on the Lumia sits in the center of the phone and on the iPhone in the corner. I guess it happened because I was simply not used to the phone. Using the physical shutter release button is a much better idea.

I was pleased to see the results from the Lumia 920 camera. Usually very well exposed. As expected a very good quality from a camera phone. I was pretty impressed by the Zeiss lens. It produced a very nice bokeh. Never seen anything like that on a camera phone before. One problem I found was that the camera had a problem finding focus on several photos. It was hard to see on the display that the focus wasn’t right so I got home with some blurred photos. It seems to have problems with focusing when the contrast is low or in reflections in water etc. Otherwise the Lumia performed very well.

The really big disappointment is the lack of apps to Windows Phones. I’m a heavy user of Instagram but there are no native Instagram app for Windows Phone. It looks like there are alternative apps for uploading to Instagram but I didn’t took a closer look at those apps. Lack of apps isn’t exactly Nokia’s fault. The phone and camera are great. Too bad it lives in an eco-system that isn’t even close to iOS or Android when it comes to apps.

All photos in the slideshow above are available in hi res at my Flickr account. They are also licensed by Creative Commons so you can use them for free if you like. You’ll find the Photoset here:

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