Gift from Google

Gift from Google

Yesterday a strange thing happened. I got a postcard from FedEx who had been trying to deliver a package at my home. I wasn’t home so they left this postcard. The strange thing was that I hasn’t ordered anything recently. In other words, I wasn’t expecting any package. But I became very curious and called the FedEx office to arrange a new delivery for today. The package arrived today as expected. When it was opened I found a very nice set of Google gadgets. A wireless mouse, USB hub and a pen. It was like getting a delivery from God himself. Not that I actually need those things but the Google logo all over feels great. I love Google and I think Google loves me too. 😉

I presume it was sent by Google for some strange reason but I still haven’t seen any mail or other indication why I was the chosen one. Nevermind, I’m grateful and thank you very much whoever sent it.

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  1. waaah??? what have you done?? that package is supposed to be mine!! give it back to me! LOL no, just kidding, im just xtremely jealous!! i want that too. i must do good things now for Google to send me a package too 🙂

  2. That is so not fair! I want one now! lol congrats man I’m sure only the coolest people get that. I would prefer a page one on all my sites though jk.

  3. The marketing boys at Google are high fiving themselves over this blog though. Send some promotional material and have it appear on WordPress as the most prominant blog of the day.

    Oh well fair play to them.


  4. Strange, those are regular devices that you can get anywhere, but just with that simple white “Goggle” on it makes it so much nicer.

  5. They frequently send out gifts to adWords customers. When we were spending upwards of $1300 a week on ads we got all sorts of neat Google stuff!
    Google knows how to show their appreciation. Other companies could learn a lot from them.

  6. as a student whos mouse is dieing and cant seem to find my pen that would be really handy, please send me something too google

  7. Check them for spyware; hidden microphones, cameras, GPS locators. If they come up clean congratulations, if not sorry dude they’re on to you!

  8. Want, want, want ,want, want, want want, want, want, want, etc.
    Pretty please. Double pretty, please. Double pretty, please with knobs on.

  9. And now Google can trace your every move. You’re being watched my friend. You’re being watched.

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